Our companies use our products for the connectivity of the data centre or global backbones in the enterprises. Today, we count on two common arquitectures (FSP 3000 and FSP 150) and we remain a leader in innovation. We have some of the best in the industry working on innovative solutions for our clients. We have become one of the most reliable business partners in the industry and we are responsible for the arquitecture of some of the advanced networks in the world.


Schmid Telecom is a world leader in voice network solutions, digital data transfers and the voice communication systems applied to the air traffic control. Our approach to the research and development along with our well coordinated structure enable the company to adapt quickly to the constantly changing market needs and to implement a long-term vision.


With 20 years of experience in access technology, Albis Technologies focuses on the telecommunication and multimedia products. As a supplier we addapt with no limits to the constantly changing telecommunications in order to achieve with innovative solutions the clients’ needs.



MetroData is a leader in design and manufacture of communication and network equipment with solutions in the interconnectivity of services, organizations and private companies worldwide.


AC & E, is a Telecommunication Company that through the design, the manufacture, the continuous improvement in the service connectors and the better practices is looking forward to achieving our objective to be a full client.


Compel designs and manufactures connectivity products (coaxial and optical fibre connectors among others), high quality photovoltaic interconnection systems and smart grids solutions with a strong and competitive position in the industry. The research focuses on the productivity improvemente, the lower costs and the better integration of systems through state of the art technology, machinery, templates and tools which consolidates Compel as one of the leaders in telecommunications.