Trainees Programs and Professional Internships.

 Development and Selection of Talents

PSS is constantly looking up for future leaders and convenes the most talented undergraduates and graduates of the country. Young people not older than 27 years and that has recently graduated or in the last term of the career can join our team with the only requirement to have no inconvinience of having to travel or to change their place of residence.The academic achievements are of great importance but the prospects might go beyond to show their creativity, teamwork skills, capacity for analysis, leadership and have the passion for challenges. For us, people are the most valuable asset as well as, to attract and train the best ‘talents’ under specific fields that constitutes the main reason of this area in order to fullfil the strategic goals of PSS.


Areas in where you can work:

Human Resources, Comercial Area, Procedures Management, Accountancy and Finance, Engeeniring, Materials, Operations and Quality and Service.

Professional Internships

Our main purposes are:

1. Provide the students with the necessary tools and sufficient knowlege that will let them gain working experience.

2. Establish a link between the students’ institution with PSS that reflects the social values and responsability of our company.

3. Students will get a diploma which will certify the time he worked for PSS.




In PSS we are always looking for a positive way to impact society, for this reason we promote the Internship Program that through an organizational training selection and base on the performance evidence we offer a position to the most competitives candidates who are eager to complete the career plan of the company colleagues.

The Trainees Program offers:

Training and Experience in an area of expertise by being part of a multidisciplinary project management team.

Leadership competences development in order to achieve the company’s mission.