About us

PRODUCTOS, SOLUCIONES Y SERVICIO, S.A DE C.V. (PSS) is a Mexican company that was established in 1997 and provides telecommunication solutions.

We are eager believers that the telecommunications are a growing factor that impacts the economy and the society in Mexico. Our company is capable of generating wealth around telecommunications, supporting it with Engineering, Products, Training and Maintenance just in the time and with the quality it demands.

On the other hand, PSS provides products and services that satify the needs and expectations of our clients through efficient programs and reliable suppliers.


The Industry

Our company is currently contributing to the telephony and data services which can be considered as one single sector due to the similarity between their digital technologies (VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol), even television will be incorporated to the same sector since its digital technology in its transmision doesn’t differ anymore from the other voice and data signals.

Through the deliver and installation of the equipment we participate in the creation of data links of companies and orgnizations with the public telecommunication network having the purpose to get connected to the internet, as well as to get connected between different sites accross the company or organization and telephone communications.

Our clients are mainly the suppliers of telecommunication services who have their own public network. Our company is one of the few industries that provides the products and services mentioned without being manufacturers of the equipment but while representing manufacturers that cannot or are not willing to commercialize their products or services involved by settling down in Mexico, which give us the advantage to choose the technologies that better meet the requirements of our clients.